Re: Introduction

John Cubeta (
Wed, 8 Mar 1995 02:26:17 -0500

>I'm Tim Connor, a grad student at the Pacific University School of
>Professional Psychology. My particular areas of interest are clinical
>applications of PCP, especially in the area of family and couple therapy
>and "personality disorders." My undergraduate major was anthropology, so
>I also have a strong interest in anthro and cross-cultural psychology.
>In fact, I guess I became interested in PCP because it was the
>psychological theory that seemed most compatible with my anthropological
>construct system, when I turned my attention to psychology.
>Can anyone tell me where I can find more information on grid analysis
>software? Not to mention getting hold of the programs themselves. I've
>seen references in articles, but nothing more recent than the late '80s,
>and I'm sure there's more up-to-date stuff available somewhere.
>I'm also curious about organizations, conferences, and training
>opportunities in the Pacific Northwest.

Tim, I also am interested in Repetory Grids. I'll dig up the references I
have and send them
to you in a day or two. Since this is my first posting to this group, I'll
take this opportunity to
briefly introduce myself and to appologize for not having done so earlier.
I thought I'd just read a bit and get the hang of the group.

I'm John Cubeta, a psychologist for the CT Dept. of Mental Retardation and a
PhD. candidate at the University of Connecticut (GO HUSKIES!). I'm in the
final (I hope!) stages of developing my proposal for researching how people
make decisions (i.e., what are the most important constructs that people use
in their decision-making). I also want to look at subjects' MBTI scores to
see if they can predict the types of constructs that they prefer to use in
the test situation. This is one way to tap into the construct validity of
the MBTI.

One of my colleagues thinks that there are some computerized Grid analysis
packages somewhere in England. If she locates it (or them), then I will
pass on the info to you, via a posting to this group. I am told that an
analysis program specific to the Rep Grid is the only way to go; that it is
much to complicated a procedure to accomplish with an everyday statistical
package. Since I'm not a stat wiz, I'll take her word.

There have been some very intriguing conversations/debates here, but I
suppose my preference is to to explore the applications of PC theory,
including ways to conduct empirical studies using the Repetory Grid. I'm
particularly interested in the reciprocal relationship between adaptive
learning and changes in one's personal construct system. I think I have to
get some sleep now. Thanks for letting me join you all.
John Cubeta (