Re: Introduction

Chris Evans (
Wed, 8 Mar 1995 10:07:53 +0000

Tim Connor and John Cubeta have raised the question of computer
analyses of rep grid data. I'm most familiar with the late Patrick
Slater's Grid Analysis Package, including his famous INGRID for the
analysis of a single grid. I think this is now handled by people in
Manchester. There are ways of doing everything INGRID does in
SAS/IML if you have that and I'm happy to send you my SAS/IML code if
you have access to SAS/IML on any platform.

My program is not all that friendly but it's a darn sight friendlier
than INGRID! There are many other packages around including the
friendly and free CIRCUMGRIDS package for PCs (but that won't store
grids on disc so it's out for mainstream use in my view. Brilliant
for exploration and familarising yourself with its ideas though. I
can probably package that up and send it to people by FTP if wanted
(need to give me FTP write access somewhere though). I can try
sending it UUencoded or as a MIME attachment to Email but haven't
always found those routes reliable.

There's a superb package called GPACK by Richard Bell from Australia
which is very cheap and excellent and something I've used. There are
also excellent packages for the PC by Finn Tschudi (OMNIGRID?) and
for the Mac by Mildred Shaw (FLEXIGRID?) I think I've got those
program names wrong. Both cost money and I haven't forked out for
them but I have every faith in them.

A final point: the processes of extracting information from a grid or
grids is fascinating and potentially very complex. The programs tend
to emphasise particular parts of the complexity. I'd love to see us
use as much bandwidth on this list developing these completely
unresolved issues as we do developing the equally unresolved issues
of theoretical position! (-:) (why can I never get those grins to
look right??!!)

Chris Evans