Finding PCP resources

Tim A. Connor (
Wed, 8 Mar 1995 18:25:40 -0800 (PST)

Thanks to all for the information and suggestions. I do have some of the
same feeling as Lois-Marie Sugarman of being in a PCP wasteland. There is
one faculty member at Pacific who works within a PCP/psychodynamic
framework, and since she teaches personality theory she makes sure
everybody here at least knows who George Kelly was; she's been influential
with quite a few of the students, including me.

Otherwise, PCP seems to be pretty invisible in the Portland area. The
Northwest generally seems to be a hotbed of behaviorism and
solution-focused therapy (I find some interesting parallels between
solution-focused therapy and parts of PCP, but I don't think De Shazer's
explication of SFT quite adds up to a theory). It's made me wonder if
there's anyplace in the U.S. where you could describe your theoretical
orientation as "personal construct" and not get a blank stare 3 times out
of 5 (and a polite but uninterested "uh-huh" the other two). The
opportunities for PCP-oriented clinical training are all but nonexistent.
I'm not at the point of applying for internships yet, but I'd be
interested to know of any sites that offer PCP-oriented supervision.

Tim Connor