Re: Finding PCP resources
Wed, 08 Mar 95 23:31:27

To whom it may concern:

PCP is that self-acknowledged approximation of truth that could
seduce someone who actually is seeking useful truths. I actually
endured the torture of two different graduate programs (10+ years)
within the same psychology department wherein I did the best I could
to introduce the stupid and the psychopathic psychology faculty(not
contrasting ends of the same construct, mind you) at VIRGINIA
COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY to GAK and PCP. After a divorce, financial
ruin, and an all around personal and social disaster, I paused in
order to figure out how to go at THEM--one more time(does anyone know
where I could find Tom "psychopathic" McGovern, Bob "stupid" Tipton
and an assortment of minor minds named "Bob Hamm", "Jack Hartnett",
et al (cira 1979-1985)? I've researched all the literature in LAW
(specifically how graduate students can sue the stupid and the
psychopathic) and everything there is to know about statistical
methodology in psychological research so that I can point out the
obvious to anyone willing to listen concerning their "research"
publications. Now some of you may think that I sound hostile. I
would invite you to construe me as aggressive.

Joe Whitehurst