Re: PCP wasteland

A. J. Zolten (
9 Mar 95 08:55:03 CST6CDT

To all of the new SIG members, welcome to an electronic forum that
can "fold space" and lessen the sense of PCP wasteland, with a little
loose construction. I think that many personal constructivists have
had the same or similar experience, with the possible exception of
Kelly's direct descendents. I like to think of the evolving nodes of
personal constructivism as points in the personal construct composite
unity; a network that represents a growing and continually evolving
meaning structure.

Joel, I construe your last post as neither hostile or aggressive, it
strikes me as cynical. So here's a qquick attempt at describing
cynicism in pcp terms:

Cynicism: The comprehension that one cannot assume or anticipate the
commonality or sciality of construction with significant others.

How's that fit?

A.J. Zolten
University of Central Arkansas

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