Re: PCP wasteland
Thu, 09 Mar 95 12:03:35


Close. But now that I have begun thinking about the experience
(reconstruing the events), I think I am closer to repugnance than
cynical. It was not so much that I was unable to construe their
individual construing and anticipate their behavior as much as it was
me finding their construing disgusting. As an example, near the end,
my thesis chair expressed frustration at his inability to "SHAPE" my
thesis creating behavior. I knew that he embraced the behaviorist
theology, but I found the point of view so preposterous that I had a
difficult time coming to believe that he actually believed he could
"SHAPE" me. Needless to say he failed and no thesis was ever
completed by me. Incidentally, my topic was professional
socialization. I had proposed to measure the changes in construct
systems as cohorts of counseling, clinical, and general experimental
graduate student progressed through their programs. I had
hypothesized that the longer the graduate students stayed in their
programs the more their construct systems would become like that of
the faculty of their individual programs. The major point of
contention between me and my thesis chair was that he allowed me to
work on this project for several years before finally telling me that
he would never approve my proposal unless I dropped the planned
request to have the faculty complete Rep Grids. He refused to let me
even ASK the question. I found that disgusting and I still find Bob
Tipton's behavior disgusting.

Joe Whitehurst
> To all of the new SIG members, welcome to an electronic forum that
> can "fold space" and lessen the sense of PCP wasteland, with a
> loose construction. I think that many personal constructivists have
> had the same or similar experience, with the possible exception of
> Kelly's direct descendents. I like to think of the evolving nodes
> personal constructivism as points in the personal construct
> unity; a network that represents a growing and continually evolving
> meaning structure.
> Joel, I construe your last post as neither hostile or aggressive,
> strikes me as cynical. So here's a qquick attempt at describing
> cynicism in pcp terms:
> Cynicism: The comprehension that one cannot assume or anticipate
> commonality or sciality of construction with significant others.
> How's that fit?
> A.J. Zolten
> University of Central Arkansas
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