Education and PCP

Chris Stevens (
15 May 1995 20:11:47 U

In response to Jim Mancuso's invitation re education and PCP the following
thought occurs.

It seems to me that Vygotsky's work, especially his 'zone of proximal
development' could be profitably elaborated in terms of several of Kelly's
notions. Firstly, it is important for teachers to understand themselves as
co-experimenters, co-learners in the educational interplay. Moreover, they
need to be recognised as special peers, not as mightily advanced experts. It
is in the nature of peers to have a certain 'commonality' with each other.
More importantly, they need to be engaged in 'sociality' or what Kelly called
'role relationships'. Clearly, teaching that is NOT based on construing the
others' construings, will be successful more or less accidentially. I think
Kelly's theory could be used to explain Vygotsky's insights in more detail
(just as I think Kellyan theory could be elaborated via the social bases of
Vygotsky's ideas).

Chris Stevens