Re: Education and PCP

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Mon, 15 May 1995 17:39:11 -0400 (EDT)

Chris, and other PCP network participants:

Great -- I had a taker.

I would want to take right off on your lead with Vygotsky's "proximal
zone" idea.

I would move first to the choice corollary and the subcorollaries one
might creat by elaborating the choice corollary.
"A person chooses for himself/herself that alternative in a
dichotomized construct through which he/she anticipates the
greter possibility for extension and definition of his system.

Is this not quite clearly connected to the idea that one cannot prompt
a construction change unless the learner has an existing system by which the
new inputs can be reasonably well construed.

This is a quick response to your lead. Is there someone out there who
might want to elaborte??
Jim Mancuso