Psychotherapy WWW pages

Chris Evans (
Sat, 27 May 1995 02:10:37 +0000

I feel nervous posting this when the Gaines/Shaw Calgary pages are
_so_ good but ....

I have put together a variety of pieces of information relating to
psychotherapy in HTML/WWW format at the URL in the signature below.
I would very much appreciate feedback from anyone who browses it.

I am keen to use this WWW location to broadcast as much
information about psychotherapy and psychotherapy research. We have
a very eclectic view of psychotherapy in the Section (one radical
behaviourist, one cognitive behaviourist, one nearly group analyst
(myself) and one honorary member who is a systemic/transgenerational

I am particularly keen to use the pages to post information about
European developments but am very willing to put up anything else
that won't get me sued provided that it's sent to me in electronic
form I can read without difficulty. Word 6 for Windows files as MIME
attachments are particularly liked as, of course, are preformatted
HTML files.

The pages are definitely public domain and free! I _would_
appreciate donations toward the time, software and hardware
involved from anyone who wants a post or feels supportive but that's
not the intention. I do reserve the right not to post things that
seem overtly commercial as well as anything I think is libellous!

Over to you!

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