Re: PCP Meets the World
Thu, 13 Jul 1995 23:40:34 +0000

Hi All,

Nice to see a few items about the Barcelona Congress. Yes, there were some
thieveries and knaveries, but there was, as previous correspondents have
indicated, an enormous positive side to the Congress which has, perhaps,
been underplayed hitherto. I guess we're still digesting what has been a
remarkable experience.

Thinking over what happened, I really feel I should put on record my own
personal impression of the organisation of the programme, and express my
thanks to Luis Botella (are you there, Louis?) and his colleagues who got
the whole thing together.

The venue was ideal: close to the most interesting places (the Ramblas, a
Gaudi house, the young Picasso museum, the maritime museum among others),
all within walking distance, and with everything in Barcelona closely
accessible; the hotel being very well run by staff who were friendly,
caring, and very professional; the hotel food and wine tasty and generous
given the money we'd paid (I put on half a stone while there); and the
academic programme was _outstanding_.

I don't know how hard you had to work to bring about this ideal combination
of elements; maybe you sweated long and hard to get it as right as you did;
or maybe it just came easily, straightforwardly, and with causal, competent
Spanish _style_; but, however you achieved it, it worked _brilliantly_.

Thank you very much Luis, from one very satisfied customer.

Kindest regards,

Devi jankowicz