Search for PCP therapist in Santiago, Chile

Julene Denne (
Fri, 14 Jul 1995 17:15:50 GMT+10

Dear PCPers,

My name is Julene Denne and among other things I am a Clinical
psychologist currently working with a client who is soon to
permanently return to his home ground, Santiago, Chile. I have been
working with him cognitively and I believe the future for his recovery
lies in construct therapy. Core constructs have been shattered and
he is both anxious and depressed.

He has been retrenched from work and has limited financial resources.
A male counsellor would be preferable. Do you know of anyone I can
refer him to in Chile? Thank you in anticipation.

I wish I were in Barcelona at this minute but as I am not I shall
work towards the next International conference.

Julene Denne