Re: Query re construct systems & hope/insight

Thomas Richter (
Sat, 5 Aug 95 01:16:44 +0200

>psychology relevant & helpful for thinking about these issues. What I
>*haven't* found is whether & how PC theory specifically addresses the
>relationship between particular features of a person's construct system and
>what I've come to think of as "mobilization of hope"--that moment when a
>person is able to use a given situation or interaction as a solution, an
>insight, an occasion for growth or healing.
I don't know if there is a answer somewere in the PCP-literature but my
impression is that the answer is outside of the scope of pcp theory.
If the main source of motivation in PCP theory is to make a system of
explanation ( men as scientist) than there is no place for "mobilisation of
hope". I think that pcp- theory is good for explanation of a psychichical
condition not so good for explaining social motivational forces. That can
only explained if you add a additional system level. the level of a social
system of different personal construct systems. In the interplay of this
different construct systems are IMO the siource of answers of your question.


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