Re: introduction

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Tue, 08 Aug 1995 00:02:39 -0400 (EDT)

Caroline, and other PCP network participants:

You have raised a series of issues regarding the construct systems of
counselors, and you indicate that you are trying to focus on a research
I would like to make a suggestion, and perhaps other network
participants would react to my suggestion as they respond to yours.

You seem to have read through the PCP literature, so you do seem to
have a reasonable base from which to proceed.

Have you tried to use any of the grid programs? Do you have any of the
programs that have been developed?
If you have not worked directly with grids, you might find that
concretizing some of your questions might be of value. I will assume that you
have not already followed the course of action I will suggest!!!???
My suggestion is straightforward. Get one of the grid programs [I will
avoid suggesting which one, and will assume that someone out there will make
such a suggestion, should you currently not have one available.]
Respond to the program using real or imagined clients -- e. g., an
adolescent male who reports an inability to engage in social activities; a
young college graduate who can't get started on a career, etc.
Analyze your responses in all the ways that the program allows.
Ask yourself all kinds of questions, such as those you have asked in
your message, about the results of your analyses.
Have a colleague -- perhaps someone who has worked in counselling for a
long time -- respond to the same elements, and then repeat the analysis

Any observations about my suggestions???

Jim Mancuso