Re: Counsellor Constructs/Systems

Tue, 8 Aug 1995 13:26:55 +0100 (BST)

Dear Caroline, Jim, all,

Caroline you raise questions which are of great interst to me. I have a=20
few observations, a couple of comments and no answers. =20

I am wondering if you are more interested in the content of constructs=20
(what do counsellors understand of their clients?) or the structure of thei=
construct systems (how do counsellors understand their clients?).

If your interest is structural then I think that suggestions to=20
experiment with constructs using grid techniques may be very productive=20
(and of course the constructs of interest are neatly organised for your=20
to review and play with later) however if your primary interest is in=20
content then I would suggest thinking about construct classification=20
procedures. After having classified constructs in a fashion which is=20
understandable to your co-participants and repeatable by others intersted=
in similar questions/persons then you can use this system, with it's new=20
language, to look for similarities and differences within/between=20
counsellors and others.

My work at present is in attempting to establish performance indicators=20
for HIV/AIDS counselling within a PCP frame. I see counsellors as=20
occupying an very important position in relation to their clients, as=20
they can observe the individual in-process and also have some insight=20
into "a-process" which is promoted/supported by a many of the=20
commonalities experienced by participants in the HIV/AIDS counselling=20

Anyway good luck, you have made a wise investment in joining this=20
mailbase. For every conversation I join, there are so many more that I=20
stand on the sidelines and watch with admiration.

Cheers - malcolm=20

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