Re: sexuality

Jonathan D Raskin (
Thu, 10 Aug 1995 15:10:51 -0400 (EDT)

On 9 Aug 1995, A. J. Zolten wrote:

> Marilyn,
> Jon Raskin just recently (at 1994 NAPCN conference) wrote on
> sexuality from a constructivist approach. He wrote to me that it has
> been submjitted to the Journ. of Humanistic psych. but you can
> contact him through this network.
> Hope this was helpful
> A.J. Zolten
> Univ. of Central Arkansas


Thanks for remembering this paper. Just wanted to let both you and
Marilyn know that the paper was published in the Autumn 1994 issue of THE
HUMANISTIC PSYCHOLOGIST. The reference (if anyone is interested) is:

Epting, F.R., Raskin, J.D., & Burke, T.B. (1994). Who is a homosexual?
A critique of the heterosexual-homosexual dimension. THE HUMANISTIC
PSYCHOLOGIST, 22, 353-370.

I am currently hoping to write up an empirical piece I did in this area,
in which I compared the ways in which people perceived a person labeled
as homosexual vs. a person labeled as heterosexual vs. a person with no
sexual label.

I hope this info is helpful.