bounced mail
Sat, 12 Aug 1995 00:07:19 +0000

A general message to one and all.

I've recently had messages posted to the pcp mailbase bounced back to me.
However, since I've seen responses to those messages, I'm assuming that
they somehow reached the mailbase, but were returned at some stage before
they reached a subset of individual subscribers. I think: I don't know the
technicalities involved.

(FAO Caroline Cook only: Caroline, this is a different bounce, I _think_,
to the one I got back from the personal e-mail I sent to you. That was due
to a change of address. This present mailing (the one you're reading now)
_doesn't_ relate to the mailing I sent you directly.)

Cor! Isn't life breathless here on the infohiway!

Anyway, I'm enclosing the following extracts from the bounce messages, with
the addresses of the people involved, in case they need to do something
about the situation: I'd hate to think that they weren't receiving other
messages posted to the mailbase.

The messages were 3: my response to Jim Mancuso, my message offering a
bibliographic reference to Peter Honey's work, and my acknowledgement that
Bronwyn Seaborne was right about a point in research design.

The addresses from which bounce messages seemed to originate, and the text
of those messages, are as follows:
>Subject: Returned mail: Recipient's mailbox too full to hold your e-mail.
>-----Transcript of session follows-----
> Recipient's mailbox too full to hold your
>-----Unsent message follows-----
>Date: Thu, 10 Aug 95 00:17:00 GMT
>Subject: Failed mail.
>Message-id: <>
>Your message was not delivered to
>For the following reason:
>Could not create users mail basket
>This result may also be due to the user
>not existing on the system


Devi Jankowicz