Re: bounced mail

Rue L. Cromwell (cromwell@KUHUB.CC.UKANS.EDU)
Sun, 13 Aug 1995 12:15:25 -0400 (EDT)

Please keep in mind that when you send a message on the PCP net you
eventually get your own message back, not because it is bounced but because
you are a member of the PCP internett and therefore receive it with all the

>A general message to one and all.
>I've recently had messages posted to the pcp mailbase bounced back to me.
>However, since I've seen responses to those messages, I'm assuming that
>they somehow reached the mailbase, but were returned at some stage before
>they reached a subset of individual subscribers. I think: I don't know the
>technicalities involved.
>(FAO Caroline Cook only: Caroline, this is a different bounce, I _think_,
>to the one I got back from the personal e-mail I sent to you. That was due
>to a change of address. This present mailing (the one you're reading now)
>_doesn't_ relate to the mailing I sent you directly.)
>Cor! Isn't life breathless here on the infohiway!
>Anyway, I'm enclosing the following extracts from the bounce messages, with
>the addresses of the people involved, in case they need to do something
>about the situation: I'd hate to think that they weren't receiving other
>messages posted to the mailbase.
>The messages were 3: my response to Jim Mancuso, my message offering a
>bibliographic reference to Peter Honey's work, and my acknowledgement that
>Bronwyn Seaborne was right about a point in research design.
>The addresses from which bounce messages seemed to originate, and the text
>of those messages, are as follows:
>>Subject: Returned mail: Recipient's mailbox too full to hold your e-mail.
>>-----Transcript of session follows-----
>> Recipient's mailbox too full to hold your
>>-----Unsent message follows-----
>>Date: Thu, 10 Aug 95 00:17:00 GMT
>>Subject: Failed mail.
>>Message-id: <>
>>Your message was not delivered to
>>For the following reason:
>>Could not create users mail basket
>>This result may also be due to the user
>>not existing on the system
>Devi Jankowicz

Rue L. Cromwell