re: bounced mail
Mon, 14 Aug 1995 21:57:16 +0000

Dear Rue,

re. your message
>Please keep in mind that when you send a message on the PCP net you
>eventually get your own message back, not because it is bounced but because
>you are a member of the PCP internett and therefore receive it with all the

Yes, thanks for the thought, Rue. I understand that. But, as you'll see
from the extracts from the bounce messages which I quoted, (and which you
quoted back to me!!) I wasn't referring to my own copy; I was referring to
messages, from their sysops, that two recipients' mailboxes hadn't been
able to accept their mail from me. I hoped some subscriber to the mailing
list, who has non-internet access to them, might alert them to the fact
that mailbase messages aren't reaching them. It's quite clear:

>>>Subject: Returned mail: Recipient's mailbox too full to hold your e-mail.
>>>-----Transcript of session follows-----
>>> Recipient's mailbox too full to hold your


>>>Subject: Failed mail.
>>>Message-id: <>
>>>Your message was not delivered to
>>>For the following reason:
>>>Could not create users mail basket