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Sun, 03 Sep 1995 17:32:08 -0400 (EDT)

Lindsay, and other PCP Networkers:

In that you have been willing to give your ideas on how to proceed on a
nosology, I will offer one or two comments.
The basic problem, as I see it, is that the business of dealing with
unwanted behaviors has been turned over to the medical profession, and the
whole approach to working with problematic behavior has been cast in terms of

Again, as I see it, this is a disguise for allowing the society to set
up institutions which are designed to alter behaviors. In this way, the society
can carry on a moral function without pronouncing it as such. If we passed a
law which states, for example, that anyone who carries on a conversation with a
dialogist who cannot be identified by at least two other persons will serve two
years in prrison, we would have all kinds of civil rights groups moving in to
nullify that law. But, since a person dialoging with an "unseen other" does
bother members of the society, we can move in and try to alter the behavior, if
we claim that that behavior is a "symptom" of a "disease," well, no, a
"disorder," no, not that either, a "dysfunction" (The "y" makes it a Greek
term, and that really proves that it is something "wrong" with the guy).
The one incontrovertible "fact" is that the behavior is bothering

So, why do we need a diagnostic system???

Why don't we simply say, "This guy bothers someone, so let's try to
change his behavior."

Then, of course, if we claim that we can change his/her behavior, we
had better be able to do so -- else, why should we get paid?????

Jim Mancuso