Tim A. Connor (
Sat, 9 Sep 1995 13:51:59 -0700 (PDT)


There has actually been a fair amount of work that touches on this,
though not necessarily using the "illusion" construct. The work that
most specifically addresses that concern is:

Childs, D. & Hedges, R. (1980). The analysis of interpersonal
perceptions as a repertory grid. In British Journal of Medical
Psychology, 53. 127-136.

Childs and Hedges combined Laing's Interpersonal Perception Method with
repertory grids as a method of assessment in marital therapy. the
article is an interesting single-case study, but there doesn't seem to
have been any further work published on the method.

There's been quite a bit of work using grids with couples, and as it
happens I just finished a fairly extensive lit review of the whole area
of constructivist couple assessment. If you like, I can send you a more
exhaustive list of references--it may take me a couple of days to get it
together, figure out what's really directly relevant to the interpersonal
perception/illusion piece.

Tim Connor

On Thu, 7 Sep 1995, Gwyneth Daniel wrote:

> I recognise the essential daftness of this because it is so Kellian in
> essence, but has anyone done any work specifically on illusions about
> significant others using a PCP approach, eg grids?
> Many thanks