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The following poem was sent to us by William Chambers for dissemination
to the pcp list because he does not currently have access to E-mail.
While the sentiments expressed in this poem are the author's own
(and perhaps unique) construals of the pcp movement, we feel that
the poem bears directly on the vicissitudes of the "close-knit" relation-
ships in the pcp community and the role of Kelly's work in the postmodern
world--issues that may be of interest to those folk we met at NAPCN last
year and to others who subscribe to this forum.

Our hope is that the post will stimulate more discussions on the place of
the psychology of personal constructs in history of science as well as on
the social implications of constructivistic thought. Also by request, the
author's postal address is given below where he would like to receive
your thoughts or comments.

With best wishes...

David J. Nightingale Hemant K. Desai
School of Human and health Sciences Dept of Educational Psychology
University of Huddersfield University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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George Kelly and the Hollow Stars
William V. Chambers

We are the hollow stars.
We recite the litany.
We can take your seat from behind the big bandwagon.
This is behind your leaders' sweet, smug smiles.
This is why you'll do just as you are told.
George Kelly rolls over in his grave.

We are the lost generation.
We want to be famous, too.
We could be a journal, an institute, or the Crown Prince.
This is how young old boys yearn for soul.
This is the price when integrity is sold.
George Kelly rolls over in his grave.

We are the pleasant, inept mob.
We are the official subscribers to the newsletter.
We deserve vacations to the Kelly conference.
This is why we mustn't criticize the holy, higher ups.
This is how we make contacts with the annointed few.
George Kelly rolls over in his grave.

We are to Kelly new.
We are naive, through and through.
We must grovel to be mature like you.
This is how students climb the ladder.
This leads to invited book chapters and recommendations.
George Kelly rolls over in his grave.

We are the honest ones.
We work and worry, think things through.
We are ignored by the self-acclaimed experts.
This is how validation research is suppressed.
This explains the superstititious grid methods.
George Kelly rolls over in his grave.

We are the bottom rung.
We pay the prima donna therpaists.
We hurt in spite of whom they say they know.
This is what lies beneath the clinician glamour.
This is beyond the grasp of Pollyanna PhD's.
George Kelly rolls over in his grave.

We are the dying.
We stare at your shallow views on threat.
We can't afford to buy your Brooklyn Bridge.
This is the flesh upon which your fame has dined
This is the horror you prettify with packaging.
George Kelly rolls over in his grave.

Note: Correspondence regarding the above peom can be addressed to:

Bill Chambers, PhD
469 Miller Mountain Road
Lindale, GA 30147