Re: Message from Bill Chambers

Harry Oxley (
Mon, 11 Sep 1995 13:48:44 +1000

I am not too sure about "the vicissitudes of the 'close-knit'
relationships in the pcp community" (although close-knit relationships are
usually pretty fraught else where would soap operas be?) or "the role of
Kelly's work in the postmodern world" or "the place of the psychology of
personal constructs in history of science as well as on the social
implications of constructivistic thought" but Bill Chambers certainly makes
you look a pretty nasty bunch

I myself took to pcp because (a) I saw in it a sort of "ethnography of
the mind" which coupled prettily with the ethnographies of groups I deal
with as an anthropologist, (b) it gave me a scholarly excuse to say things
I had been thinking for a long time before I had heard the name Kelly, and
(c) it seemed to have a "she'll be right" inclusiveness for all sorts of
odd ideas - "in its house were many mansions" like. I have since kept
finding you a pretty easy-going lot.

Of course I am only a tourist in pcp. Perhaps beneath the locals'
surface friendliness and happy ways lurk fiendish voodoo rituals and
endemic pestilences and a presidential guard most brutal and repressive.
On the other hand there are so many other tourists on pcp island that I
often wonder what the real natives actually look like. Maybe some of those
people in bright cottons doing those fun-looking dances are tourists too,
'going native' with no more idea of what the actual natives look like than
I have. I do hope Bill Chambers merely got in with the wrong tour-group
and hasn't really got your native customs right. If he has, let me know so
I can run and hide.
Harry Oxley
Harry Oxley