Re: Message from Bill Chambers

Harry Oxley (
Tue, 12 Sep 1995 15:14:35 +1000

>Harry, I'm not sure whom exactly you mean when you use "you" starting
>at the end of the first paragraph of your post -- are you referring to
>myself and Dave Nightingale, the PCPers on US territories, or to those
>in general who may have an interest in Kelly's theory? Could you please
> Yours sincerely (tho' mildly confused) Hemant Desai

Dear Dave and Hemant,
Wasn't the bard referring to all of us involved in pcp - certainly
those of us on the network around which the song was sent, else why sing
it? Since networks like this send a copy of any letter to the originator I
myself am also included in 'you'! For that matter I'm none too clear who
are the bard's 'we' (in its various individual, collective and corporate
connotations), 'your leaders', 'the holy higher ups', or 'the annointed
few', but NONE of the above come across as really cheerful company.
Harry Oxley