pcp & fun

Mon, 18 Sep 1995 19:30:50 -0500 (CDT)

Picking up on this dialogue a little late, just wanted to add a bit. My friend
Hemant may look down on myinvoking a religious metaphor, but IMHO, the way we
interact with each other is a sort of "witness" to the larger community of
psychology. What I found last summer at NAPCN was an incredibly reflexive
group of people, and this impression has only been strengthened thhrough
the mailbase. We have to give each other wide berth, lest we disavow the
individuality corrolary. It's not very often that we invoke the formal theory
here, but it's tacit, and more than a common vocabulary. When I engage in
dialogue in this forum, I anticipate that I am doing so with people who
acknowledge me as an active construer -- and this has overwhelmingly been
validated. It would be boring as all get out if there were total commonality,
but that's not been the case to date, and not likely to be so with such a
lively and diverse group. Keep it up, y'all. Suzanne Huffman