from a non-postmodern ms

Beverly Walker (
19 Sep 1995 14:23:28 +1000

Dear all,
I know this is anaethema to the postmodern among you, but is it too much to
ask that people sign the letters they send in such a way that readers know who
is writing. I am afraid I am old fashioned in this, but I like my meanings
deduced within contexts, and hence who is writing what is important to me.
John1305 may be very meaningful to some, but to me is a total mystery.
Now perhaps I irritate others too in that I sign my letters simply Beverly,
but, as far as I know, I am the only Beverly on this net (and similarly have
no problem with letters from Rue, or Mildred, or Lindsay or Malcolm or Fay
etc.) Also my address contains my surname. (Mind you Gwyneths had me
confused for a bit, until I realised that they were in fact one).
So can we put our identifiable names to what we write, for the sake of the
nomenclaturally challenged among us.