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John Saringer (
Tue, 17 Oct 1995 23:44:20 -0500

At 12:18 AM 10/13/95 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi all!
>Well, this debate about positivism and constructivism: hasn't it been fun,
>and what a lot of interesting correspondence!
>here. If I _really_ blow it I can always don a false moustache for the
>next PCP Congress. Two comforting thoughts.
>And occasionally I might just say something wise, which is another
>possibility created when one's inhibitions are down, don't you find?
>Kindest regards,
>Devi Jankowicz

You are absolutely right. Actually the most imteresting feature about the
development of this dialog is that it allows for the evolution of meta
constructs which arise within our conversation. It is much like an evolving
thought in which we all participate. I wonder then as to who's thoughts
these are? ...who claims copyright?

It does seem that there is a common faith within which both Constructivism
and Positivism are jointly mired, disregarding for the moment that
Constructivism itself can be seen as a larger set within which Positivism
can reside but not vice versa, namely that both accept narrative logic as a
means of establishing truth.