Re: Aboriginal suicide studies

A. J. Zolten (
25 Oct 95 10:37:52 CST6CDT

I wish to thank one and all who have responded to my request for
information regarding aboriginal suicides in the prison system in
Australia. As readers will have certainly noted, there is
considerable controversy regarding the meaning of these deaths within
the context of the prison system, aboriginal culture, and australiaan
culture and politics in general.

My work has focused on understanding anxiety, stress and depression
as process variables (rather than syndromes of symptoms) and have
found great utility in constructing a model of coping
distress/desparate problem solving for people who are unable to
resolve anxiety/stress processes. My interest in the original post
was related to this issue of unresolvability, and it sounded (from
the news item) that the phenomenon was a good example of a problem
that had no realistic solution for the people who experienced it.

I will be doing quite a bit of reading on this issue; thanks again
for putting me on the trail of information.

A.J. Zolten
Univ. of Central Arkansas