Re: Help with Kelly quote: man is a form of motion

Gwyneth Daniel (
Wed, 25 Oct 1995 16:55:38 +0000 (GMT)

Jim, I'm most grateful. I've had a few messages from Fay and from Tim in, forget his surname.

I've been very pleased by your messages about social constructionism and
its misreading of Kelly, especially as I've just re-read his stuff on
dislodgment and transitions.

I'm taking the liberty, but would like your OK to quote you in my thesis,
capital letters as well! It;s a clear and vigorous cry for them to raise
their eyes.

I went to a conference at Huddersfield which was attended by Gergen x 2
and John Shotter and Billig. They didn't half have a go at us, and I
think Trevor Butt and others put up a good defence. But it was rather
like having a conversation with someone who thinks they've got the map
but have only got the 500 miles per square inch version.

Regards, and many thanks. I enjoyed meeting you and your wife briefly but
didn't introduce myself as one of a bunch in Barcelona, and only a
geriatric phd part-timer.

Gwyneth Daniel