Re: Buttered toast

W Ramsay (
Tue, 31 Oct 1995 09:09:39 +0000

>To Harry Oxley,
>OK, Harry, I give up!
>Explain the one about the cat and the buttered toast!
The toast should be tied to the cat's back butter side up!

Is the world getting dafter? I recollect reading somewhere that some guy
had spent time researching the "butter side down" phenomenon and had
concluded that the Universe was just built that way. Included stuff about
heights of tables and rotational inertia etc., and presumably the
gravitational constant.

Many years ago Bernard Braden, favourite UK resident and Canadian comedian,
on his radio show, ran an entire sketch of the "sky is falling" type based
on the toast falling butter side up. On recourse to the shaman, the
explanation emerges that the toast must have been buttered on the wrong side!

So, Harry and Bronwyn, the toast must be tied butter side up and buttered on
the wrong side!


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