Re: Have You Heard This One?

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Tue, 31 Oct 1995 16:29:01 -0500 (EST)

Hello to the PCP networkers:

I feel a bit uncomfortable as I plan to build on Oxley's message --
which I see as being only tangentionally related to PCP, in that all those gems
require that we do a bit of stretching of our alternative constructions in
order to get the point. [We could begin a discussion of a sound PCP
interpretation of humor!]

First -- The president of the biggest steel company in 1923 was Charles
Schwab -- not Schab. A minor point.

Second, I heard that one about the cat and the toast when it was told
during the same session in which this one was told:

"When I die, I wish to die as my grandfather died --
peacefully and calmly, in my sleep -- not screaming and terrified,
as did passengers who were riding in the car he was driving."

Third; I construe the major difference between those "successful
presidents" and Gene Sarazen as being that Sarazen can be located at the
family name was SARACENI.] So, golfers might recommend that persons should
play golf rather than try to become the president of a major corporation. I
would need to make other recommendations.

Jim Mancuso