re: buttered toast

W Ramsay (
Wed, 01 Nov 1995 13:54:53 +0000

Devi's reply:

>Bill Ramsay writes:
>>I recollect reading somewhere that some guy
>>had spent time researching the "butter side down" phenomenon and had
>>concluded that the Universe was just built that way. Included stuff about
>>heights of tables and rotational inertia etc., and presumably the
>>gravitational constant.
>You bet. The reference in question is:
>Pyke M. _Butter Side Up! or The Delights of Science_ London: Pan Books 1978.

>Devi jankowicz
Thanks for the reference, Devi. I remember Pyke well from my youth and even
read some of his stuff in adolescence. He had a small career as a BBC guru
for a while (pre-"Tomorrow's World") and once was a guest speaker at Glasgow
University's Alchemist Club.

He was a lot less heavy in those days, I think, but guru-ing began to get t
o him.

My recollection is of more recent origin than Pyke, though, so it was maybe
just a silly season bit in the Press.


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