Re: Buttered toast

W Ramsay (
Wed, 01 Nov 1995 14:01:41 +0000

Further to my previous:
>So, Harry and Bronwyn, the toast must be tied butter side up and buttered on
>the wrong side!
The toast has to be buttered on the right side, of course. Sorry.

Even further, w.r.t. the cigarettes, booze and driver's licence conundrums,
I remembered after the last message that I had recently refuelled the car at
a gas station in deepest Ayrshire which not only sold cigarettes but booze
as well.

(For those of you from different cultural backgrounds, apparently about
two-thirds of customers at UK gas stations arrive on foot and only about
half of the clients actually buy petrol.)

Slainte mhath!


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