Indigenous cultures

Robin Hill (BSRAH@TWP.AC.NZ)
Wed, 8 Nov 1995 17:15:47 +1300

Dear PCP members,

A colleague and I, here in New Zealand (NZ) are making application for a
research grant to investigate issues in Tourism in NZ. In particular
we propose to investigate the sustainable cultural experience for
visitors to a specific cultural area of NZ populated by an indegenous
people known as Tainui. An important spiritual feature of the area
for Tainui, is the Waikato River which flows through their region. We
are focussing the research on the tourist potential of the river and
addressing the issue of sustainability of tourism without
compromising Tainui values, culture etc.

In a brainstorm pilot test sort of situation we found that PCP
methods seemed useful in identifying the important underlying values
of the culture, the constructs used to evaluate cultural tourist
products and also to identify more concrete behaviours and artifacts
important to the question of sustainability.

This message to the mail list is two fold. First to find out if
anyone else has used PCP methods to investigate cultural aspects with
indigenous people (I know some of us use PCP methods to investigate
organisation culture, but I'm not aware of similar use as a virtual
ethnographic tool). Second, if someone has used this method and would
be sympathetic to its use in this context - we are seeking someone
willing to be named as a reviewer when the proposal goes to referees.
We feel we need someone who understands PCP methods and who would be
sympathetic or sensitive to the use of such methods with an
indegenous people. If you are that person, then you might email me
direct to or through this mail list.

Many thanks

Dr. Robin Hill

Senior Lecturer & Research Leader
Department of Business Studies
The Waikato Polytechnic
Private Bag 3036
Hamilton 2020
New Zealand