Indigenous cultures

Beverly Walker (
9 Nov 1995 10:30:03 +1000

Dear Robin,
Interesting project.
Graham Davidson and Joseph Reser gave a paper on issues to do with indigeneous
cultures and PCP at the Townsville conference. It will be in the volume
coming out (eventually) from that conference, but in the meantime I've sent
your letter to Graham (not having Joe's email).
Helen Ross at ANU has done quite a bit of work, the best known of it on
aboriginal housing. She's also currently engaged in some environmental study.
One of her papers will be in a book Devorah Kalekin-Fishman and I have
edited, due this year, called CONSTRUCTION OF GROUP REALITIES: CULTURE,
Prof. Phillip Pearce and Gianna Moscardo in the Dept of Tourism at James
Cook University, Townsville haVE done lots of work using PCP to look at
tourism issues so they would be worth contacting.
Beverly Walker