intro and request

Terry Semple (
Mon, 4 Dec 1995 00:54:12 -0500 (EST)

In way of introduction: my name is Terry Semple, a PhD
Psychologist licensed to practice in the province of Ontario in
Canada. I graduated from the University of Waterloo and taught
Environmental Psychology, statistics, computer applications
(programming, modelling/simulation) for 10 years. I then paid my
"clinical dues" for 2 years in a Psychiatric Hospital, then 13
years as the Senior Psychologist for the Metropolitan Toronto
School Board followed by a cash-encouraged early retirement as
part of a "down-sizing" initiative. This allowed me to move my
private practice from part-time to full-time and renew my
interest in topics as varied as Personal Construct psychology and
biofeedback (including EEG for ADHD and TBI).

With that out of the way I can ask my question of the list. Circa
1975 I read some material on computer applications in the PCP
area, but have lost references reprints etc. Could someone
provide some references/annotated bibliographies to help me
become more current? I do not have access to a University library
so if you had any pre/reprints I would appreciate that also. My
last request is for software to administer RepGrids in the PC
world. My smail address is below.

In advance, thank you very much.

Dr. Terry Semple
1353 Baldwin St.
ON L7S 1K1