re: intro and request
Mon, 4 Dec 1995 21:47:28 +0000

Terry Semple writes:

>Circa 1975 I read some material on computer applications in the PCP
>area, but have lost references reprints etc. Could someone
>provide some references/annotated bibliographies to help me
>become more current?

Sewell K.., Adams-Webber J., Mitterer J. & Cromwell R.L. "Computerised
repertory grids: review of the literature" _International Journal of
Personal Construct Psychology_ 5, 1, 1-23.
and the short section in
Jankowicz A.D. "The use of personal construct psychology in business
practice" in Neimeyer G. & Neimeyer R. _Advances in Personal Construct
Psychology_ Greenwich CT: JAI Press, vol. 1.

>I do not have access to a University library

I guess you could always order either item through your public libarary's
inter-library loan scheme?

Kind regards

Devi Jankowicz