Help with Lansdown (1975) reference

Tony Downing (
Fri, 22 Dec 1995 16:05:49 +0000

Dr. Guillem Feixas wrote asking whether anyone could supply page and volume
numbers for the paper: Lansdown, R. (1975). "A reliability study of the 8 x
8 repertory grid." Journal of the Association of the Educational

Well, I did a quick citation search on Lansdown, R. (1975) using the Social
Science Citation Index at and discovered that this paper starts
at page 24. Contrary to SSCI usual style, it was not listed with any
volume number. Rather surprisingly, in view of the importance of
reliability and the dangers of its neglect in constructivist psychology,
there was only one later work which had cited this Lansdown (1975)
J.Ass.Ed.Psych. paper. Therefore, while lack of a volume number in the SSCI
record might mean that J.Ass.Ed.Psych. didn't bother with volumn numbers at
that time, it is more likely that the volume no' was inadvertantly omitted
from the references at the end of that one paper.

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