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I thought subscribers to the list might be interested in the following
item on NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION from the University of California.

Dane Archer
Prof., University of California, Santa Cruz

Is NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION of interest? If you do research or teach
in related areas, you might be interested in a University of California
documentary videotape series that examines nonverbal communication--
tones of voice, facial expressions, gestures, cultural differences,
and the nuances of interpersonal communication generally.
The University of California distributes this series of documentary
videotapes on NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION. NOTE: This video series is
available in PAL and other video formats used in UK and Europe generally.
The newest addition to the University of California video series, just
now completed, is "THE HUMAN FACE: Emotions, Identities and Masks." This
video examines the kinds of cues available in the face, and also the
role of the face in cultural differences, attractiveness, identity,
facial mythology, cosmetic surgery, and so on.
Another video, "THE HUMAN VOICE: Exploring Vocal Paralanguage,"
focuses on the power of the voice (verbal + nonverbal) in interpersonal
communication. The emphasis is on the range of inferences that one
can make about speakers based on their text and voice.
The video "A WORLD OF GESTURES: Culture and Nonverbal Communication"
focuses on international differences in gestures, and cultural
differences in nonverbal communication generally. As might be
expected, this video is fascinating, provocative, and slightly
The two remaining videos in the series ("THE INTERPERSONAL PERCEPTION
TASK," or IPT, and the IPT-15) are "self-tests" that give viewers a
chance to interpret verbal and nonverbal behaviors--there is an
objectively correct answer for each of the inferences tested, and
viewers can see how accurate their own inferences are.

a. If NOT interested in NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION, you can simply
delete this brief message without reading it.
b. If interested, you can send email to
(Prof. Dane Archer, Univ. of California, Santa Cruz)
to request a longer, more DETAILED message, complete with
thorough descriptions and reviews of the five videos
in this University of California series.
The five videotapes in the UC series are:

1. THE HUMAN FACE: Emotions, Identities and Masks
2. THE HUMAN VOICE: Exploring Vocal Paralanguage
3. A WORLD OF GESTURES: Culture and Nonverbal Communication

Each videotape comes with a detailed INSTRUCTOR'S GUIDE that provides
background information, suggested classroom activities to illustrate
the nonverbal phenomena described in the videotapes, and references to
works in the field.

These videotapes are available from the University of California
at the following address:

The University of California Extension
Center for Media and Independent Learning
2000 Center Street, Fourth Floor
Berkeley, California U.S.A. 94704
PHONE (510) 642-0460; FAX (510) 643-9271

IF interested in receiving a DETAILED email description of these
videotapes (complete with reviews) reply to

Prof. Dane Archer
Stevenson College
Univ. of California, Santa Cruz U.S.A. 95064