Impact of CHANGE

chong ngai ngor, anita (
Fri, 2 Feb 1996 13:24:24 +0800

Dear Constructivists,
I am new to Constructivist Psychology. I am currently doing a PhD thesis in
the University of Hong Kong. I coin my research title as "Effecting change:
A constructivst parent training cum therapeutic program". I have designed a
program for parents experiencing a certain or considerable degree of
frustration, anxiety, or other transitional states in parenting. The
objectives of the program are to facilitate parents to develop ROLE
relationship with their children, and to liberate their creativity in
problem solving through the C-P-C Cycle and Creativity Cycle. If the
program is effectively conducted, changes are expected in the following
areas: (1) parents construe their children more positively; (2) they
construe their parenting role more positively; and (3) they become more
creative problem-solvers. Indirectly, the following areas are also expected
to be enhanced: (1) parents' general functioning; (2) their perceived
self-efficacy; and (3) their children's general functioning. I plan to do
some pre- and post-program interviews and assessment, as well as within
program evaluation, e.g. through parents' self reports and independent
judges' assessment of the change process within sessions. So far, I have
come across very little documents on Constructivist evaluation on the change
process. I sincerely request your enlightenment and recommendation of
readings on my area of research, especially on the study and evaluation of
the change process. Looking forward to your learned reply with gratitude.
Anita C.Leung