two questions

Jukka Vapaavuori (
Fri, 9 Feb 1996 13:21:53 +0200 (WET)

Please, help again!

First, does anybody know anything about the program, dead lines etc. of
the Congress on Constructivism in Psychotherapy at Tenerife next
september? A have posted some requests to the mailing adresse of the
congress, but haven't got any response. Is there anybody alive?

Second, I have had difficulties in finding relevant references for my
study, concerning changes in a staff group consultation process. I have
used rep. grid method to study the transitions in the the group members'
construing of their work related issues, especially interpersonal
conflict. This process was fermented by an outside consultant. A lot of
studies focusing on group therapy and counseling have been done in PCP
orientation, but are there any, related more specially to my design and
topic? I have found only a few. Maybe I have to reach out more to other
traditions, e.g. evaluation reseach (Patton), OD, 'process consultation'
(Schein) etc.?? I welcome all kinds of hints for articles, chapters, books
etc., somehow available for me.
Thanks in advance!

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