Re: analysis of rep. grids

Chris Evans (
Fri, 9 Feb 1996 15:52:58 +0000

> Does anyone have information about PC software for analysing grids
> and where it can be obtained?
> Ian Stubbs
There are commercially available packages. One is from Finn Tschudi
(FLEXIGRID) from Oslo. I am sure someone else on the list can give
you more info. on that (Finn?). Another is from a recompilation for
the PC of the late Patrick Slater's programs including INGRID in his
Grid Analysis Package (GAP). The one I am familiar with and a like a
lot is G-PACK by Richard Bell which is a cheap and excellent GWBASIC
package. Information from Lisa Czubala:

I have written a SAS/IML program that does what INGRID does, it works
on SAS/IML for Windows and should work on any SAS/IML implementation.
I retain copyright but anyone is welcome to copy and distribute this
provided they don't change the credits (if you improve it, which
should be easy, do let me know!) It's at:

I've also mounted two public domain packages there. One is
CIRCUMGRIDS from William Chambers. That has a lot of good things and
a superb database of references to grids and related issues. My only
dislike is that it won't save the grid. That's at:

The other is version 1.5 of Omnigrid from Kenneth Sewell and others
out of work for the Apple by Mitterer and Adams-Webber. That's at:

I've Emailed Jim Mancuso (Jim?) asking if he wants his programs for
the PC mounted here too. I'll let you know more if other things
appear. I'm also happy to mount info. on other packages whether they
are PD, copyleft _OR_ commercial. If anyone from the list visits
these things, they might like to browse other bits of our site here.
Lots of goodies relating to psychotherapy and more coming soon!

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