Re: APA exchange and romanticism

Harry Oxley (
Tue, 13 Feb 1996 11:43:56 +1000

Dear all,
Message received for forwarding from Beverley Walker as follows:

Dear Harry,
can you please send this message to the pcp net for me.
Ta very much,

Dear all,
For the past three months Peter Caputi and I have repeatedly sent messages to
the net, only to have them disappear somewhere. We receive the messages from
others overseas - just can't have a say ourselves. I have complained to David
Nightingale, to the postmaster and to our local computer staff on several
occasions only to be told - send it again, which I have, and with the same
result - zilch.
It might help to locate the problem if we could ascertain if anyone else is
having similar problems.
regards to all,
Harry Oxley