re: Intro and grid advice
Tue, 13 Feb 1996 23:07:01 +0000

Responding to Carolyn Kreber, Bob Green writes:

>Out of interest how do you intend to analyse 60 grids with common

Honey P. "The Repertory Grid in Action" _Industrial & Commercial Training_
1977, 11, 11, 452-459

refers: it's an excellent approach to content analysis of large numbers of
grids; also mentioned passim in the "Cookery Corner" techniques section of
the European Personal Construct Association _Newsletter_.

Combine it with

Jankowicz A.D. "Trying replications on for size: how UK companies construe
cultural differences in trading in central and eastern Europe". A paper
given at the XIth International Congress on PCP, Barcelona, July 1995

(ignore the main subject-matter: read the _Appendix_ ), and you have an
elegant way of checking the _reliability_ of your content analysis.

So yar boo and nyar, Dave: you clinicals (who only rarely have to deal with
more than one or two client grids) have it easy: but even in the hard grind
of analysing large numbers of grids, rigour is possible! Yep, it's all
somewhat timeconsuming though.

Kindest regards and how are you anyway Dave? long time no see,

Devi Jankowicz