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> I have been asked by a student (Russell Wilson) for help with his PhD
> project on Domestic Violence. He plans to use grids and I offered to put a
> request for help to the group. He is not on email but I will forward any
> ideas etc to him. The following is an outline of his project.
> I wish to compare three groups of subjects:
> c. what common elements should be given to the subjects?
This is the most difficult problem in doing this type of research. It is
one that I have been struggling with for my own work for some time.
There are several ways of dealing with this but the best suggestion I
have seen on this list is to use a pool of constructs and let your
subjects choose the constructs that they consider relevent. That gives
you some commonality while not ending up with grids that make no sense
because the constructs are outside the range of convenience for the
judgements being made.


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