EPCA conference and international conference & ftp!

Chris Evans (C.Evans@sghms.ac.uk)
Thu, 15 Feb 1996 17:26:46 +0000

I have mounted the information Maureen Pope and Bob Neimeyer have
sent here about these conferences at my conference pages:


There is advice there about how to put stuff up there and minimise
the work I have to do and I'm very keen to give PCP/constructivist
approaches a high profile on the site generally so do submit things.

While I'm consuming bandwidth. There were a lot of technical
problems PD putting grid things on the WWW but I believe that
circgrid.zip and omnigrid.zip are now up and fine from:


but you may prefer to get them by ftp by anonymous access from:


where they are as circgrid.zip and omnigrid.zip

remember to set the file type to binary before transferring!

Final P.S.: I love the romanticism thread. Many thanks to all who
have contributed.

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