Greetings & Introduction

Thu, 15 Feb 1996 21:43:20 -0600 (CST)

Hello Fellow PCPers!
I am new to the PCP e-mail network after a two year absence and wish to
introduce myself to the group. Also, thanks for the intresting discussion
on romaticism.
I'm a recent graduate and have an interest in PCP and psychotherapy
research. My main interest in PCP is in the construction and processing
of affect as well as (2) the elaboration of the interpersonal aspects
within PCP. In spite of having read a fair amount within construct
theory, I'm still baffled by the unique/individual vs. sociality "conflict"
within construct theory. On the one hand, our construing is so unique
and personal that it would take years to come close to walking in the
other's moccasins. Yet on the other hand, I'm often amazed at how the
power of social / interpersonal - related construing is minimized. For
example, subtle transactions -- even in the early phases of therapy -- can
be shared and convey such powerful meaning. The fine ability to detect
fear or hostility (or whatever it may be) in another's voice (however
subtle it may be) is certainly more of an *interpersonal* construing
and less of a *personal* construing. While such experiences may register
within persons, they exist *between* persons.
In any case, the above is a very rough summary of what I'm all about. I
look forward to following these discussions in the future.
Timothy Anderson
NIMH Post-doctoral Fellow
Vanderbilt University