International Congress 2001

Joern Scheer (
Mon, 19 Feb 1996 13:55:22 +0200

Dear All,
as you probably know, the next two International Congresses will be
held in Seattle / USA in 1997 and in Haifa / Israel in 1999. Since
there is no international society dedicated to PCP, the decisions
about future conference places are made rather informally. During
international conferences there may be talks in the aisles and at
after hours get-togethers. At an informal business meeting, to the
surprise of those not involved in preliminary negotiations, someone
might offer then to organise the conference after the next one. And
if no one objects (and no one does object), that will be it.
Since some of you asked me during the Barcelona congress whether the
international congress could not be held in Germany one of these
years, we discussed the matter during the recent German conference
on PCP. And we decided that we might me ready to organise the
congress in the year 2001.

So far, the congresses were held in the following places:
1976 1. Lincoln (Nebraska) / USA
1977 2. Oxford / GB
1979 3. Breukelen / Netherlands
1982 4. St. Catherines / Canada
1983 5. Boston / USA
1985 6. Cambridge / GB
1987 7. Memphis / USA
1989 8. Assisi / Italy
1991 9. Albany / USA
1993 10. Townsville / Australia
1995 11. Barcelona / Spain
(1997 12. Seattle / USA)
(1999 13. Haifa / Israel)

The decision will be made in Seattle in 1997.
We think that the Internet PCP Network offers a good opportunity
to discuss the question with more people being possibly involved than
it used to be.
So what is your opinion about that?
Joern Scheer

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