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Hemant Desai (
Tue, 20 Feb 1996 21:18:01 -0600 (CST)

Dear Ted and others:

On the topic of cognitive complexity, (something I am interested in for
dissertation purposes), I found more than 30 papers but not many
comprehensive reviews. One exception is a chapter devoted to the topic
in the book _Behavior in the Complex Environment_ by Streufert and
Streufert (c. 1978) Pub: V.H.Winston/John Wiley. This chapter covers
Kellyian contributions (Bieri, Tripodi) as well as non-PCP versions of
cog complexity (Scott; Harvey, Hunt & Schroder). In brief, its a good
starting point to look at the literature.

Hope this helps. Mail me if you need other references to single
articles--I have a bunch that I could dig out in a pinch.

Hemant Desai

> A non-constructivist colleague has made a request which I'm hoping one of
> you may be able to help with: "I need a reference for some poor,
> misguided soul who has
> argued that cognitive complexity, etc. are just personality variables
> in disguise, and thus, constructivism is just another example of
> deterministic social science (or something to that effect). Another
> reference to an article in which someone sets that errant person
> straight also would be useful." Any suggestions?
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