Clearing the Air
Tue, 27 Feb 1996 23:50:05 -0500
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Are you nervous? Don't be nervous or angry Bob. Its all in the personal
constructs. They say truth is not real, its just in your head, just perso=
Just laugh. Be happy Bob. We are all part of the PCP family. We party at
conferences. As Jack told me years ago at the Banff party "We have an
understanding in personal construct psychology, we do not criticize one
another in writing." We all know you are a great guy; one of us just-plai=
folks, Bob. I just have a few questions.
What do you mean by honor? As a leader in the communication and generatio=
n of
knowledge concerning personal construct theory, have you been honorable i=
ignoring my years of grid work? Are you sure I was wrong about death thre=
theory? Was your response to my criticism of death threat theory honorabl=
Was your response to my letter and article, some years ago, concerning
parallels between your notion of coherence and logical consistency honora=
Bob, do you remember the content of our conversation back at UF concernin=
g Al
Landfield's views of me? Were they honorable views? Did you tell him Ke=
might not approve? You've gotten a lot out of the Kelly thing over the ye=
Apparently not what I got. I am glad to hear that you, as a man of honor,=

have not repeated one word of the lies concerning Finn or the lie that I
stole Landfield's source code- and that you have not taken any other acti=
to negatively impact my career. Thank you, Bob. You are a gentleman and
But Bob, do not presume to dictate to me what others will find worthy in
these postings. You told me earlier that you do not own the net. In an
authoritative and apparently cordial manner you invited me publically to=

share my views, at least on grids. I have done so several times now and =
heard nothing of substance from you concerning the methods I have address=
Bob are there unethical acts by omission?

Bob, go back and read my comment on the Socratic Method. I say that the
Socratic Method (IN PRINCIPLE) leads to the elaboration of personal
constructs.I am well aware of traditional criticisms of leading questions=
Meno- Plato's chapter concerning the slave boy and mathematics, etc. In
Principle, at least, that is as the method is understood in inquistorial
legal circles and as Plato advocated it, the method consists of simply
asking people to explain their terms and experiences. You know Kelly said=

experience consists of our finding order in events- real events. The logi=
inconsistencies found in liars personal constructs are real, but one wond=
if they actually derive such contradictory orders exclusively from
experience. Maybe they cheat a little, to gain time, by making things up.=

Then they get caught in their own webs of bad faith. Kelly thought
contradictions made it pretty hard to predict events. That's bad, accordi=
to Kelly, at least in the long run. And Bob, its been a long time. Do you=

think I'm just making stuff up?

Bob, are ethics just a play thing for us to invent and discard on whim? =
it all just relative to our desires and points of view? Are you familiar=

with my ideas on logical inconsistency and bad faith? Bob, what do you t=
it felt like when Franz told me I was just going to have to face the fact=

that my daughter might die? He was not her physician and I was not his
counseling client. I knew she was near death. I was the one who told him.=

However, he knew I had a high death threat score on yall's Threat Index.
Reckon what the point was? I wonder if the families of any other dying
children- or old men- or who ever- have heard the same kind of sensitive
interpersonal wisdom, as derived from your book and articles. Bob, have =
been honorable is testing the theory of death threat? Did you look deep
enough into the competing hypotheses before you got famous on the theory?=

Bob, I am glad we are clearing the air. Please answer my questions. I'd l=
to learn to be your friend- if you love truth more than power. You see, I=
no power to make my friends for me. Will you be my friend; honest?