Re: truth

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Wed, 28 Feb 1996 21:01:05 -0500 (EST)

Bob. and other PCP networkers:

Your effort to move away from name calling and acrimony deserves

I have been pleased to participate in the PCP net because the kind of
acrimony which often appears on nets has been, largely, absent from this net.

I think that I commented on this once before.

I am sure that there have been analyses of why acrimony is easily
fostered on electronic networkds. I would guess that much of the tone of
confrontation, acrimony, etc., that appears has something to do with the lack
of direct personal contact. One can be more acrimonious over a telephone,
because of lack of direct contact. Over the net, even the tone of voice is

At any rate, I wholly endorse your suggestion that those who have "a
personal bone to pick" should do so through direct messages. I doubt if an
effort to "spread the acrimony" will work!!! There are too many people on this
net who are genuinely interested in following the paths on which we have
launched when we have made our commitment to constructivism. Eventually they
can override the acrimonious messages, and the sender might just as well
address his messages to himself and pretend that others are reading them!

Jim Mancuso